Friday, 7 October 2011

Your Many Options After SPM

Upon successful completion of 11 years of free education (6 years of primary and 5 years of secondary education), further study opportunities available in Malaysia to SPM-level school-leavers like you are abundant. They include:

  • Pre-university/Post-secondary Programmes 
    • Form 6/STPM; Matriculation Programme of Ministry of Education Malaysia
      (Form 6 is available at Government post-secondary schools and some private college while the Matriculation programme is available at the Ministry’s Matriculation Colleges and some MARA colleges )
    • The U.K. ‘A’ levels Programme; Australian and Canadian Pre-University Programmes; (available at private colleges)
    • Pre-University or University Foundation Programmes (available at IPTS)

  • Tertiary Education or Skill Qualification
    • Diploma/Integrated Programmes at Public universities;
    • Certificate/Diploma Programmes at Community Colleges or Polytechnics;
    • Skill Qualification at Skill Training Institutions (offered by Government agencies and Ministries as well as private sector other than Education Ministries/MARA);
    • Diploma in Teaching at Teacher Training Colleges;
    • Industry Apprenticeship schemes;
    • Certificate/Diploma/HND/External Examination Bodies qualification programmes at private colleges and private universities.

However, if you are a STPM or other post-secondary qualification holders, your education pathway will be as follows:

  • to pursue Diploma level programme
  • to pursue semi-professional qualification programme such as CIM, CAT, etc
  • to pursue Year 1 Bachelor Degree programme
  • to pursue Professional Qualification such as ACCA, CIMA, etc


Table: Study Options for SPM & STPM Leavers in Malaysia

As shown in the above where the issue of furthering studies at tertiary level is concerned, an SPM/STPM school leaver, be it in the Arts or Science stream, would inevitably be faced with a dilemma or challenges in :

  • the many study pathway choices available
  • choosing the areas of study/course discipline that suit his/her interest and career aspiration

Table in below indicates some common areas of study/course discipline available in IPTS and IPTA for SPM or STPM candidates.

These areas of study or courses discipline are usually grouped under Arts, Science or Technical streams.
Art Stream
- Arts and Design
- Social Sciences
- Geography and History
- Environmental Studies
- Language and Culture Studies
- Media Studies
- Education
- Religious Studies
- Performing Arts
- Fine Arts
- Accounting
- Business
- Law
 Science Stream
- Applied Sciences
- Medicine
- Dentistry
- Pharmacy
- Architecture and Building
- Quantity Surveying
- Engineering
- Health Science
- Computer Science
 Technical Stream
- Engineering & Technical Skill
- Air & Maritime
- Manufacturing & Construction
 Arts & Science Stream
- Accounting
- Information Technology
- Sports Science
- Education
- Communication Studies
- Music
- Fine Arts
- Business Administration
- Law
- Management
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  1. hi.i would like to study bachelor of psychology.i scored 6 crds(bahasa melayu B+, bahasa inggeris B,pendidikan moral B+,sejarah B,mathematics c+,bahasa tamil A-) in spm.should i study pre u or can straightly do degree?if possible to do degree where can i study psychology?if not which pre u suitable for my credits?does any loans offer for pre u studies?