Tuesday, 19 July 2011


How you want to apply is up to you. Immerse yourself in an internship, test your business skills on the Gourami Business Challenge, or attend one of our Recruitment days.

Whichever route you choose, your personal development will always be our number one priority.


3 Routes into Shell


At Shell we don't recruit into a generic graduate scheme. Instead we match each individual to a particular role based on their skills, potential and personal skills.

Although for some careers we look for a specific degree background, for many others you could come from almost any discipline. Wherever you join us, you'll be expected to bring talent, drive and ambition. You'll also need to be ready to take on real responsibility for real work, right from the start.

Whatever you want from your career, you can get it from Shell. Our exceptional portfolio of interests means we can offer lots of different graduates lots of different roles, in lots of different places.

Working on "live" projects right from day one gives you the chance to hit the ground running, and prove yourself. With ongoing professional and personal development throughout your Shell career means it's up to you as to how far you progress.


Are you a Graduate? 


If you're studying for a BA, MA or advanced degree, or even if you've already graduated, in Shell's eyes, you're a graduate.

Please bear in mind that some regions and countries may have additional local requirements. Shell is an equal opportunities employer and actively promotes diversity and inclusiveness within its workforce.


3 Routes to Shell 


There are three alternative routes into Shell for you to choose from. Any one of these can lead to a permanent job offer. There's real flexibility, as each route offers a very different taste of life at Shell. And it's worth finding out more now, as you'll be asked to select your preferred route during the application process.

To get started, simply complete our online application form and attach your full resumé. The form is designed to highlight your qualities and strengths in key areas. At the same time, you'll be asked to complete two

Questionnaires: the first giving you an insight into life at Shell, the second allowing you to assess your personal style and aptitude.

We'll study your application carefully and, if invited to an interview, you'll be able to demonstrate your potential and discover whether we can help you achieve your career aspirations. We may then offer you the chance to gain direct experience of Shell through one of the three routes:


Option A: Shell Recruitment Day 


This eight-hour day includes exercises, presentations and a group discussion - enabling you to find out how well you cope in different business scenarios and assess your potential for business or technical leadership. It's not a competition for jobs - simply chance for us to observe you in action.


Option B: Gourami Business Challenge 


Gourami is a fictional country and is the setting for Shell's interactive business challenge - held in a number of locations worldwide. Working with a team to develop and present a viable five-year business plan, you'll gain an excellent understanding of our global activities and working culture.


Option C: Internship

Want to test and prove yourself over an extended period? An Internship will give you first-hand experience of Shell as an employer - and exposure to a range of real-life business projects. Along the way, you'll benefit from detailed feedback on just how well you're doing. Which means, in short, you'll find out if you've got what it takes.

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