Tuesday, 19 July 2011

Curriculum Vitae/Resume - Writing Tips - WORKING WITH SHELL

You will need to upload your CV when you complete an application form, your CV forms an important part of your application and will be reviewed when we consider your suitability for Shell.  It might be useful to refer back to our criteria of Capacity, Achievement & Relationship and ensure that you demonstrate evidence for these in your CV.

Here are some CV writing tips, which you may find useful.

A CV is a record of your personal, education and work details. It should be as up to date as possible.  The layout of your CV is flexible, however ideally it should be no more than two pages long.  The use of headings such as Education, Career History can help to clarify sections. Don't use fancy layouts as these can detract from the contents of your CV.  Don't make general statements about your qualities. Make sure you can support your statements with evidence. Try to link your skills and experience to the requirements of the job you are applying for.

A good CV will include:


Personal Details

Keep this section brief - your full name, address, email address and phone number are important.


Education Details

Usually stated in reverse chronological order, with your most recent experiences first. Include details of the name of the institutions, the dates you attended and the qualifications you obtained / will obtain.

Think about the relevance of the information you detail. You may want to include a list of relevant modules, information about projects and dissertations undertaken, average grades and/or skills developed.


Career History / Professional Experience

All experiences count, whether paid, voluntary or shadowing. These are usually stated in reverse chronological order with dates to illustrate how long you were there. Focus on your responsibilities and achievements in the role and remember to highlight where skills were used or developed.


 Positions of responsibility/achievements/interests

These are all relevant sections to include and can be used to demonstrate that you are motivated to pursue other activities, have an interest in a relevant career and take the initiative to develop your involvements and skills. Try to focus upon recent achievements and what your contributions were, skills developed and outcomes.

Please remember that this is a platform for you to demonstrate your key attributes and qualities, recognise your own achievements and the key challenges you have overcome.   This is your opportunity to demonstrate this and potentially could be your first step through the selection process.


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