Monday, 23 May 2011

List Of New And Emerging Careers - By Feb 2011

Technology can be cruel sometimes when we see jobs that we used to know such as typist, stenographer and postman being removed from the employment landscape. So, if your ambition when you were little was to be a Postmaster, you might be disappointed to learn it’s a declining career. But don’t be too quick to conclude that technology is to be blamed for taking away employment opportunities. On the contrary, the advancement of technology has brought to us a breed of new and emerging careers beyond our imagination.

Below is a list of careers that were unheard of a decade ago.

1. Mobile Phone Application Developer

With the development of phones like the BlackBerry, Android and iPhone, the mobile media industry is booming. Developers are in demand to help develop applications, in addition to combating security and compatibility issues. Some were hired for R&D of applications for e-commerce shopping and bidding engine.

2. Social Media Strategist

The new thing of the day is social media. Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn had revolutionized the way we work and live now. Companies want to make their presence felt in these new platforms and are quickly hiring social media managers or strategist to oversee their online communities, interact with their customers and enhance brand awareness.

3. Content Writer

The new mantra, “Content is king!” The content is mainly for websites, with expertise to provide write-up that centers on marketing products or services the sites are offering or selling.

4. Blogger

They research and write blog content for news websites, corporations, governments and etc. Their objectives are to blog stuff to promote a brand, mission and cause. Many instead of being hired on full-time basis had also made huge bucks on their own by maintaining their own blogs.

5. SEO Specialist

They specialize in search engine optimization (SEO), a process to improve the visibility of a website via organic search results. The optimization process may involve editing the website contents to increase its relevance to specific keywords.

6. User Experience Analyst

They analyze a website and make it more friendly, engaging and easier to navigate for users.

7. Video Journalist

They capture, edit/design online videos that document information, news and events.

8. Online Learning Coordinator

They schedule courses and coordinate distance learning programs.
And watch out for these potential careers.

1. Cyber Security Specialist

Cyber security is a growing industry. Knowledgeable professionals who can protect websites and expose hackers will be a hot commodity in the coming years.

2. Genetic Counselor
Genetics are advancing at a rapid rate. Doctors can now run tests that will predict genetic conditions, and soon, parents may be able to choose the sex of their unborn children. With the help of genetic counselors, families can educate themselves on available genetic technologies and options.

3. Organic Food Farmer

Organic food currently occupies about 10 percent of the food and beverage market — and it’s only going to increase. As a result, more organic farmers and producers will need to improve organic farming techniques and grow the food.

4. Medical Records Administrator

Medical records are at the forefront of innovative technology, with a strong push to digitize medical records. An increased number of medical researchers will be needed to help transition records from paper to digital, and to be able to navigate records quickly for patients.

5. Simulation Engineer

There’s a simulator for nearly everything these days, from surgeries to flying to drinking and driving. As more simulation-based technologies follow suit, engineers will be required to help out.

6. Stem Cell Researcher

Although it’s a controversial topic, stem cell research is gaining ground. If this continues, more researchers will be needed to develop cures for diseases, genetic enhancements, and the other information these cells may potentially hold.

7. Environmental Economist

They measure the benefits and potential drawbacks of renewable energy and other environmental alternatives.

8. Biofuels/Biodiesel Product Development Manager

They plan and execute research programs that evaluate alternative biofuels/biodiesel technologies.
These new and emerging careers are certain to grow in popularity as new technologies and new business frontiers surface and take shape in our society. Job seekers should not feel apprehensive but rather view such changes positively as opportunities for further growth.

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