Monday, 23 May 2011

10 hot career in malaysia in 2009

Top 10 Hot Jobs And In Demand 

Year 2009 has been predicted to be slow in terms of employment. In fact, lots of companies are freezing their recruitment drive and some had even resorted to jobs cutting. But, there are some companies in Malaysia still looking for people to fill up job vacancies and job advertisements can be seen every day. So, what are these available jobs? Are you the lucky ones that happened to be in the hot career category? These jobs by the way are not only still in demand but the salary is reasonably intact, i.e., not very much affected by the economic downturn, and promised job security with career growth potential.

This list is based on the employment market in Malaysia and compiled based on data obtained from jobs posted at Allyhunt and the general observation of jobs advertised in print media as well as other online job sites this year.

The top 10 hot jobs in 2009:-


1. Software Engineers or Programmers – those that lament no jobs probably did not bother to upgrade their skills set. Otherwise, programming jobs are in abundance and believe me, IT or technology-related jobs will only increase as our reliance on the computer and internet grows by the hour.

2. Sales Officers/Executives – from selling engineering products to advertising service, the sales career is in demand every day. Jobs are aplenty and in times like these, employers are relying more on good and dependable sales personnel to help the company stay afloat. If you don’t meet the cut, you help to create a job vacancy.

3. Accounts Executives/Accountant – this career never suffers a day of downturn. Probably in bad times, instead of three executives, the employer may make do with two but companies cannot function without them. The financial reports are needed to make critical business decisions. That’s why the openings for accounting personnel are always around.

4. Audit Executives – like their accounting counterpart, auditing work goes on regardless of the economic climate.

5. Engineering– mechanical, electronics and telecommunications related. And Technicians for those with Diploma or Certificate qualifications.

6. System Support or Network Engineers – goes hand-in-hand with programming jobs. You can’t have software without the hardware, network connections and etc.

7. Customer Service Executives/Call Centre Agents – with a big bulk of our economy contribution comes from the service sector, it goes without saying the need for customer service personnel. On top of that, with more business outsourcing centres being set-up nowadays, the openings for call centre agents are also increasing by the day.

8. Clerical/Admin-related – there is a reasonably high demand but the supply far exceeds the demand. That’s why applicants for these jobs still find it tough to get hired.

9. Pharmacists - people are getting more health-conscious and with that, the pharmaceutical industry is experiencing dynamic growth. As of April 2009, the total number of registered pharmacists in Malaysia stands at 6,648. This gives a ratio of 1 pharmacist to 4,200 population. Obviously, a vast shortage. It is a career that is tipped to be on the rise in the next few years.

10. Teaching – for pre-schools and private schools. And we shall see a rise in the future as more Malaysians are relying on private and specials schools to educate their children

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