Friday, 15 April 2011

Understanding R I A S E C personality

Academic and Career Planning
Using Career Interests to Choose a Program of Study

Holland Codes
  • People who have REALISTIC interests are likely to enjoy creating things with their hands.   They tend to be rugged, practical, physically strong and enjoy working outdoors.   They prefer working with objects, tools, machines and animals.
  • Those whose interests are INVESTIGATIVE enjoy analyzing, problem solving and research.   Their focus is on data, ideas and theories.  They tend to be curious, original and independent, and prefer working alone rather than with others.
  • Individuals with ARTISTIC interests are inclined to be unconventional, creative, expressive and intense.  They prefer unstructured working situations and coworkers who are also creative and individualistic.
  • People with SOCIAL interests are at their best working with people rather than machines.  They are concerned about the welfare of others and enjoy teaching, training, helping and serving other people.  They tend to be cheerful, articulate, responsible and socially adept.
  • ENTERPRISING people are usually good at leading and persuading others.  They tend to be enthusiastic, self-confident, energetic and adventurous.  They prefer persuading and directing other people rather than working with objects and data.
  • Those with CONVENTIONAL interests tend to be stable, dependable and thorough.  They prefer using verbal or numerical skills and are most comfortable working with clearly defined tasks in structured environments.
Programs Oriented to Ideas:  Math and Science
Programs Oriented to Tools, Equipment, or Things
Programs oriented to Information or Data
Programs oriented to Ideas: Aesthetic

Programs oriented to People: Business

Programs oriented to People: Helping, Teaching, Curing

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