Tuesday, 5 April 2011

Deciding on a Career

After completion of high school, every young adults have to take one of the most crucial decision of their lifetime, selection of a career path for themselves. Some of them are very sure about what they like to do in their life and choosing a career is not at all difficult for them. However, there are many of them who are quite confused when it comes to deciding on a career. In fact, it's not just them, even matured adults also face the same problem while looking for a career change and job opportunities.

Tips for Deciding on a Career

For a career planning, you have to explore several possibilities and then narrow down on any one particular option. Here are some simple tips that will help with deciding on a career:

Assess Your Interests
When you are choosing a career for yourself, you must have interest in that field. Otherwise, even if you get a good remuneration, it is not going to make you happy. If you do not enjoy the work that you are doing, your life would be in a miserable condition. As a result, you may have to quit the job. You may end up wasting out some crucial years of your life and even lose out some money in training for the job. Prepare a list of those activities that you love to do the most. It could be sports activities, social activities, voluntary work, etc. Put a priority grade against each of them and shortlist a few professions related to your areas of interests.

Evaluate Your Skills
You should have a thorough knowledge about your interests, disinterests, strong points, weak points, personality traits, etc. before selecting a career option. For instance, if you believe that you have the ability to teach small children, then only you should opt for a career in teaching profession. Otherwise, you should not. For a better evaluation of your skills, take some career tests that are being offered by your college.

Improve Your Knowledge
Apparently, you may find a specific job quite interesting but when you do detailed research on it, you may find that the job is not an exciting career as you thought it to be. Therefore, enrich your knowledge on the job description, education and skills required for the job, career opportunities, etc. If there is not enough growth opportunities, then it is likely that you feel frustrated after a few years.

Know Your Expectations
Ask yourself what you are looking for in a job. Some people want high remuneration, some want flexible working hours, some like those jobs that involves lots of traveling, some love intellectual challenges and others may prefer a fast paced working atmosphere. When a particular job profile matches up with your expectations, then only you should choose that one as your career.

Know More About the Profession
Once you are aware of your field of interest, talk to some of those who are in that profession. Gather some firsthand knowledge from them about the industry and career development. If possible, visit the workplace. Learn about the positives, negatives as well as career progression. Come home and write them down in a piece of paper. Give a good thought about those issues. After that, if you get a feeling that then career is worth pursuing, then only go for it.

Do Not Follow Others
Even if you are unsure how to pick a career, the decision on a career choice is something which you should do on your own. Many people commit the mistake that they opt for a particular profession just because a friend or a family member is happy in that job. It is absolutely a wrong approach. Every individual has his or her own preferences. A job which is suitable for your friend may not suit you at all. Listen to other's suggestions, evaluate if you have any interest in that or not, and then decide.

Hope this article will help all those people who are having trouble deciding on a career. Now, it is time to chalk out a plan that can help you to achieve your career goals. Finally, I would like to tell you that the career you have chosen right now may not be your occupation for the entire life. As you grow as a professional, your goals keep changing from time to time and you may opt for a career change accordingly.

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