Tuesday, 5 April 2011

2 Classic Muslim Websites still going strong today

When I first got onto the internet in the 90′s, the world wide web was very different than what it is today.

There were good Islamic websites online.  Two that I frequented a lot and still exist today are IslamOnline and Islamicity.

Why are they worth visiting? Let’s find out…

islamonline islam news cyber counselor

This is a great website, mashAllah.  In my younger years, the cyber counselor section of the website really helped me out a lot.  Many people with issues seek counseling there. Usually, their problems are common and the counselor’s advice is beneficial to both them and the reader.

Aside from regular news on Islam, they also have different sections like Living Shariah, Family, Art & Culture and also Youth.  You can read more at

islamicity islam news quran search

This website hasn’t changed their design since I first started visiting them many years ago.  Their news column on the right side of the page contain fresh links from around the Internet about Islam and current events.

I really like the Comprehensive Quran search feature of Islamicity having used it many times when researching specific verses and meaning.  You can search for words found in translation and get Ayahs/Verses returned with the Arabic/ Transliteration/Translation. You can switch the translators and even the translation language. 
The coolest feature is the Phonetic search.  For example, imagine you just heard someone recite a verse and you are not sure which chapter it belongs to. Just type out what you think you heard (eg. “Allah hu ahad”) and the search will return all verses it thinks has that Arabic in it.

Islamicity also has a great bazaar section with items I have not seen sold anywhere else.  I especially like their elegant crystal collection.

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